Big update emerges on a potential hiring of Paul Byron for a coaching job

Elias Edmonson
May 29, 2024  (5:46 PM)

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The Montreal Canadiens have just confirmed the return of Jean-François Houle with the Laval Rocket, but we are still waiting for news regarding Paul Byron.

His name has been frequently mentioned as a candidate for the assistant coach position to J-F Houle, and now the excellent Anthony Marcotte has added more to the story.
Here is an excerpt from his very detailed and lengthy publication.
«Is the organization going to try to bring in a potential head coach that we want to develop in this role for the long term? I see three candidates that stand out to me in the QMJHL: Sylvain Favreau, Carl Mallette, and Louis Robitaille. [...]

Within the organization itself, I suggested at the end of the season that Paul Byron's candidacy would be considered if he wishes to transition into coaching. He is extremely appreciated within the organization, but it's unclear if coaching interests him. Let's take the case of Francis Bouillon as an example, who was once offered an assistant position in Laval but preferred, by far, to remain in player development, a role that is very dear to him. I think Byron should be considered the favorite for the job, but only if it interests him. [...]» - Anthony Marcotte, BPM Sports

He also mentions the names of Jason Pominville, Derick Brassard, and Jason Demers, who had successful careers in the National Hockey League and could have profiles similar to Alex Burrows.

Paul Byron named with the Habs in case of an upcoming dismissal?

Finally, returning to Paul Byron, could an additional assistant role with the Montreal Canadiens interest him?
He could certainly bring a lot to the players and work well alongside Martin St-Louis, with whom he has always had a great relationship.
This is a developing story, but don't be surprised if Byron eventually obtains a coaching role within the Montreal Canadiens organization, especially following an upcoming dismissal.
Here is his complete analysis, as the play-by-play announcer for the Laval Rocket:
It's really interesting!
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Big update emerges on a potential hiring of Paul Byron for a coaching job

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