Sad announcement as Bedard's teammates are concerned about his well-being

Elias Edmonson
May 29, 2024  (2:29 PM)

Photo of Connor Bedard and Perry
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Connor Bedard's teammates, including Philipp Kurashev, are concerned about the well-being of the young generational talent of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Clearly, it's not just Cole Caufield and the young players of the Montreal Canadiens who feel enormous media pressure.
It's really sad to see, but Bedard's teammate in Chicago, Philipp Kurashev, has just made some major revelations in an interview with the Swiss media Tages-Anzeiger.
Generally, European players tend to really open up in interviews with media from their home country, particularly because they feel far from the NHL circus.

Philipp Kurashev and Blackhawks players are concerned about young Connor Bedard's well-being

According to forward Kurashev, Connor Bedard unfortunately had to be the spokesperson for a struggling team all year!
It was definitely a heavy burden for the young Bedard, who was in his rookie season in the NHL.
"Sometimes, I felt sorry for him. He was our player who had to speak to the media the most often. When it was related to our team, he was always targeted. He had appointments constantly: interviews, photo sessions, and all kinds of things I'm not even aware of," Kurashev revealed

Several people are worried about Bedard.
"Even in hotels or on the street, everyone always wanted something from him," he added about Connor Bedard

Bedard, who finally finished the season with 61 points in 68 games (with a -44 rating), managed very well despite everything, which is truly impressive.
Kurashev, who is worried about his young friend and teammate, admits that it's extremely mentally exhausting and sometimes difficult to see the positive side.
We can only hope that Connor Bedard can be well surrounded, because this kind of circus can really complicate a professional career.
Bravo to Kurashev for expressing it this way.
We also recall what happened with André Tourigny and Connor Bedard's ice time for Team Canada at the World Hockey Championship, another issue that constantly followed Bedard this week. Also the false rumours at the beginning of the season involving Corey Perry.
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Sad announcement as Bedard's teammates are concerned about his well-being

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