Former Montreal Canadiens forward and current SKA St. Petersburg centre Alex Galchenyuk and retired defenseman PK Subban
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Alex Galchenyuk and PK Subban called out for off-ice behaviour

Published March 26, 2024 at 8:38

During an appearance on the Stanley25 podcast, former Montreal Canadiens employee David St-Germain had a lot to say about Carey Price, P.K. Subban, and Alex Galchenyuk, among others.

Regarding Carey and Angela Price, as we reported yesterday, St-Germain had only good things to say.

The former CH employee revealed that Carey and Angela were MUCH more generous than one might think. They didn't talk about it much publicly, they didn't boast about it, but the Prices were probably the most generous of all, especially towards children!

However, he had less favorable words for others, such as P.K. Subban, and especially for Alex Galchenyuk.

Galchenyuk, who was at the center of a major controversy a few days after signing a contract with the Arizona Coyotes last summer and who committed utterly reprehensible acts, did not have a good reputation at the Bell Centre.

David St-Germain is unequivocal about the former third overall pick of 2012: he was a despicable human being and was not at all liked within the organization.

"He [Alex Galchenyuk] was hated by everyone. The people from the Foundation hated him. He was a despicable human being, in every way."

- David St-Germain, via Stanley25

And that's coming from a former employee of the organization. That says a lot! Another comment of this nature towards Galchenyuk...

It's clearly no coincidence if he has played for 7 teams in 10 years in the NHL and if he has been traded an innumerable number of times.

In the end, Galchenyuk truly experienced his best career moments with the Montreal Canadiens and nowhere else. (including a few 50-point seasons and a 30-goal campaign)

Credit : - Déclaration monstre sur l'ancien du Canadien, Alex Galchenyuk : « C'était un être humain exécrable »
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Alex Galchenyuk and PK Subban called out for off-ice behaviour

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