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A serious warning has been issued about St-Louis' future in Montreal

Published March 27, 2024 at 8:30 PM

Following Martin St-Louis's return behind the Montreal Canadiens' bench, a warning has been issued.

It comes from veteran journalist Réjean Tremblay, through his traditional column on BPM Sports.

He published a quite straightforward text this morning titled "DO NOT TAKE MARTIN ST-LOUIS FOR GRANTED", and we are in complete agreement with him.

Martin St-Louis: a serious warning has just been issued, and his future with the Montreal Canadiens should not be taken for granted by the fans. We must appreciate every year he will give us!

Yes, Martin St-Louis was back behind the CH bench for last night's game against the Colorado Avalanche, yes, we are extremely happy about it, but we must not think it's a given.

"But the very serious health condition of his son Mason, which forced St-Louis to leave his team aside, is cause for reflection. [...]

Have you realized that Martin St-Louis has been living in Montreal for three years and that his three teenage boys and his wife live in the family residence in Connecticut?

Have you realized that Martin St-Louis is separated from his family and his wife for ten months a year? Except for Christmas, except for the All-Star week, and except for a few days snatched here and there.

On Saturday night, Martin St-Louis is behind the CH bench. During the week, when he's on the road, if his wife or one of his boys calls him, he is often dining with one or more of his assistants. Or with Chantal Machabée or a member of the organization." - Réjean Tremblay

It's such a good point.

Martin St-Louis, for whom family is so important, must find it difficult at times to see his wife and children so often via a simple FaceTime call (and so little in person).

If he does it and is so involved with the Montreal Canadiens, it's because he does it for the right reasons and because he is a true enthusiast in addition to having the CH tattooed on his heart.

It would have been so easy (and logical) for him to wait for one more game and only join his team in Montreal, but no. He "endured" a several-hour flight to Denver to be there one game earlier.

"As long as Martin St-Louis judges that it's worth depriving himself of his world for ten months a year, he will be the coach of the Canadiens. But nothing should be taken for granted." - Réjean Tremblay

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This is an important article and really puts things into perspective.

We are lucky to have a head coach like Martin St-Louis, who is so extraordinary with the young players and with the fans.
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A serious warning has been issued about St-Louis' future in Montreal

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