Worrying news for the steal of the 2020 Draft by the Montreal Canadiens

Published March 2, 2022 at 6:14 PM

The prospect who was already considered by many to be a real steal of the 2020 draft, Sean Farrell, recently added to it with an impressive performance at the 2022 Olympic Games, for Team USA.

Farrell, 20, finished among the top scorers in the Olympic tournament (6 points and 3 goals, in 4 games).

He was drafted in the fourth round in the 2020 draft (124th overall), but if it had to be done again, he would be a first-round pick. At least, according to the vast majority of observers.

Even his coach at the Olympiques, David Quinn, said he was really impressed by the young player :

«Sean impresses me. He is a very talented player, very competitive, with a lot of energy. His small size [5 ft 9 in] does not prevent him from being productive. He is difficult to face. Frankly, he plays very well for us."

In short, he was on fire, but unfortunately for him, the return to reality was very brutal.

As reported by the Tout sur le Hockey site, it was passed over in silence, but Farrell was injured (quite seriously, in all likelihood) in his first game with Harvard, on his return from the Olympics.

See the video, right here. It was a hard, hard hit :

He even had to be escorted out of the rink by teammates, after being laid down for a few minutes.

We will monitor. Hats off to the Tout sur le hockey site for the research work.

Please note that Farrell still hasn't returned to play since that brutal blow. Let's just hope it doesn't harm his health and development for the next few years.

A concussion, especially a big one, is obviously never good for a hockey player and it's always worrying. (for anyone, by the way)
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