Players available in Pittsburgh to trade for a Hoffman or Lehkonen revealed

Published March 2, 2022 at 6:12 PM

We were talking to you earlier this week about the Pittsburgh Penguins' interest in certain Montreal Canadiens players, like Mike Hoffman, and there's something new about that!

We know that the Habs want room on their payroll to sign a star player this summer, and that Kent Hughes as well as Jeff Gorton will not be afraid to trade veterans with years remaining on their contracts (like they made with Tyler Toffoli) in addition to those with expiring contracts.

It could be the case of Mike Hoffman, who is on the trade market and it could also be the case of Artturi Lehkonen.

The information was confirmed by Pittsburgh journalist Josh Yohe: Pittsburgh is very interested in Montreal's assets.

However, we should note this:

«Penguins GM Ron Hextall has made it very clear that he won't trade his first-round pick. On the other hand, the Penguins would be ready to trade defenseman Michael Matheson, if the return is good, and there is also Pierre-Olivier Joseph who is at risk of being traded." -Josh Yohe

We therefore understand that these are elements that may be offered to the Canadians in possible negotiations involving Hoffman, or another player like Artturi Lehkonen.


Not only would the Penguins be open to trading Matheson and/or Joseph, but they would now consider offering two young forwards: Nathan Légaré and Samuel Poulin.

«If the Penguins have the opportunity to trade Légaré or Poulin for a player who can help them this season, they could do it." -Josh Yohe

Poulin, 21, was drafted 21st overall in 2019 and has 21 points in 46 AHL games this season.

Légaré, 21, was drafted 74th overall in 2019 and has 14 points in 44 AHL games this season.

If Kent Hughes ever decides to negotiate with the Penguins, he therefore has more and more options!

Which of these players would you target more?

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