Will the Montreal Canadiens give up on Logan Mailloux?

Published July 24, 2021 at 12:41

Last night, the Montreal Canadiens threw a cold shower on the entire hockey planet by selecting young defenseman Logan Mailloux. The right-handed defenseman has been living in controversy for the past few days due to the accusations of sexual misconduct he is facing.


Despite this, the Habs decided to make him their property, while accompanying him on his personal journey to become a better person. This selection has created huge tsunamis on Twitter, as many people are really not happy with Marc Bergevin's selection.

Here is the statement of Marc Bergevin, following this selection :

Yes, from a hockey point of view, it's an excellent selection, but the moral point of view has just taken a hit...

Many journalists believe that because of the waves this story has created, Marc Bergevin could strongly give up on his first round pick.

Remember that a very similar situation occurred last year with the young Mitchell Miller, who was drafted by the Arizona Coyotes in the fourth round.


He was selected by the Coyotes, even though Miller had intimidated a black person by making racist remarks. A few weeks later, the Coyotes officially gave up their fourth round pick, due to all the media attention it caused.

The Canadiens could, without a doubt, consider waiving defenseman Logan Mailloux. Why would they do that? The Montreal Canadiens are generally allergic to this kind of distraction and are very concerned about their image. We can easily think of Zack Kassian's story, as an example...


The latest didn't even play a single game with the Habs, because the organization didn't want to deal with such a story. Remember that Kassian had been involved in a car accident, while under the influence of alcohol and several drugs. However, he was the passenger in the vehicle. He broke his nose and his leg in that incident. Perhaps in a way, Marc Bergevin feels guilty for not having invested more in the case of Kassian, who has become an important player for the Edmonton Oilers. He got his life back on track when he arrived with the Oilers, while being sober.

What kind of message does this send? Is it a way to prepare the table for the eventual signing of the very controversial defenseman Tony DeAngelo? Remember that according to many rumors, the Habs would be interested in his services.

Even if the Habs were to waive Logan Mailloux's rights in the near future, a stain has been put on Marc Bergevin's record. Many people will not be able to look at him the same way anymore.
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