Why did Jeff Petry do this, besides perhaps wanting to leave?

Published December 16, 2021 at 1:10 PM

Honestly, this idea, to explain, in part, Jeff Petry's statement about the non-existent structure of the Montreal Canadiens, came to me while listening to Louis Jean. Jean didn't say anything except to talk about leadership, which lit a light for me.

In the first place, since he joined the Tricolore on March 2, 2015, in a deal clearly to the CH's advantage, Petry has never shown real leadership.

Secondly, he has always shown himself to be a calm individual who handles his emotions well. Everyone in the locker room said so.

But this year, he "went off" a few times. He "blew" his hockey stick in a practice. He yelled at his teammates on the bench. He came out of a practice frustrated and his speech seemed directed at the coaches.

Are we all in agreement so far?

Here's the link to my headline: If Shea Weber, Corey Perry and/or Joel Edmundson had been in the environment, NEVER would Petry have dared to come out like that in front of the media. The reason is simple, with those three, the atmosphere would not be as dark as it is now.

By the way, with this blatant lack of leadership, I wonder who sat down with Petry on the plane on the way back from Pittsburgh to explain to him that what he did was not okay. We're talking about a member of the organization and a player. The only players I can think of who would do something like that are Jake Allen, Ben Chiarot and David Savard. That's where it ends. The others don't have what it takes to make such a gesture.

In short, again and again the lack of leadership that surfaces.
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