A few details about Daniel Brière's candidacy with the CH

Published December 16, 2021 at 1:05 PM

As rumors have it, Daniel Brière would be a serious candidate for the position of general manager of the Montreal Canadiens.

Information leaked by Renaud Lavoie suggests that Daniel Brière could be getting closer to Montreal. Apparently, the GM of the Flyers' affiliate in the ECHL made a little trip to Quebec a few days ago. Note that his team, the Maine Mariners, was in Quebec to face the Trois-Rivières Lions.

"Daniel is one of the candidates for the general manager position. He was in Quebec a few days ago. His roots are here, are in the province."

Lavoie bitterly believes that Briere will be a general manager in the NHL. However, given his lack of experience as a GM, the CH may not be inclined to give him the reins of the team. He could, however, occupy another position before graduating as boss, one of these days.

"For Daniel's career, it's extraordinary," continued Lavoie. "It's pretty evident that he will be general manager in the National Hockey League. Does that mean that if Daniel is not general manager with the Canadiens, that he won't have a job in Montreal? I think his name with the Canadiens, in the organization chart, is extremely good. As a general manager, maybe he doesn't have enough experience."

"That doesn't mean he won't come with the organization soon," added Lavoie.

Maybe Brière will come to support the CH's next general manager, who knows? An assistant GM position wouldn't hurt his development, quite the opposite. He could learn a lot from Jeff Gorton and Marc Bergevin's future successor.

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