Where does the Montreal Canadiens' group of prospects rank?

Published August 21, 2021 at 12:53

Does the Montreal Canadiens have a great group of prospects? We often hear from fans that the pool is very deep, especially over the past three years, where Trevor Timmins and Marc Bergevin have "step-up" at this level. Despite this, the Habs' youngsters are 15th among the 32 rosters, which is far from what is said about the youth that grows in the Canadiens.

Not surprisingly, Cole Caufield is at the top of the list, as he will be playing his rookie year in 2021-22, even though he already has 30 games (including playoff games) in the NHL behind him. Behind him, to complete the top-3, are Kaiden Guhle and Cayden Primeau respectively. Logan Mailloux, the last first pick of the Habs who was not unanimous, takes the 4th spot, which is still excellent.

Not surprisingly, Sean Farrell, who was selected 124th overall in the 2020 Entry Draft, is ranked 8th in this top-10. Farrell is dynamic, explosive, sharp and VERY creative, which has helped him set records at the USHL level. Next year he will be one to watch in the NCAA as he will be wearing a Harvard University uniform. He is very confident that he will make his mark in his NCAA debut.

All in all, even if the rankings may be disappointing, we can boast of one thing: Caufield remains, in my eyes, an exceptional... Yes, nothing less! Then this exceptional player was drafted 15th overall in 2019, which is still quite a steal from the Timmins-Bergevin duo.
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