Auston Matthews sent a little tip to Leafs fans

Published August 21, 2021 at 10:39

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not been able to reach the second round of the playoffs for over 15 years. Despite this curse, Maple Leafs fanatics are still behind their team, even if they are sometimes very vocal towards the organization. In the seven-game loss to the Montreal Canadiens, which was a 3-1 loss, I remind you, fans were very critical of the players and the team.

Leafs fans and hockey fans alike continued to pound the already worn-out nail on the head: "This team shocks in the playoffs. This is not a playoff team. It lacks leadership and real winners!"

In an interview via ESPN after being chosen as the face that will be on the cover of the NHL 22 video game, Auston Matthews delivered a speech about the Leafs' core, in which he has full confidence, while pointing the finger lightly at fans. He sort of indicated that he heard them, but didn't get into a long-winded debate.

"It's obviously very frustrating (talking about the first round loss). It's flat right now. People have their opinions and they can say what they want, and they have every right, but I really believe in this team and the players on this team, the core especially. I really believe that we're going to accomplish a lot of things. We're going to get better as a result of these losses, in the face of adversity," said Matthews.

The players are certainly very disappointed, but they are all ready to move forward in an effort to break the "choker" label that has been attached to them for far too long.

"We can only move forward. Losing in the playoffs is flat. There's no other way to put it. It was disappointing. But the feeling will just be better when we win," added Matthews.

Let's hope that Matthews and his team can put their words into action...
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