A player could have convinced Mike Hoffman to sign with the Habs!

Published August 20, 2021 at 6:00 PM

We agree, Marc Bergevin has not made a big "splash" since the opening of the free agent market. However, he can be happy to have gotten his hands on one of the good goal scorers of the 2021 market in Mike Hoffman.

The 31-year-old forward will likely replace Tomas Tatar, who left for New Jersey, on Montreal's top-six. Hoffman may not be known for his versatility on the game, but he can score goals... a lot of goals. His specialty? Shooting on the power play! His shot is powerful and accurate, making him a formidable player on the power play.

During a question and answer period with Canadiens fans, Mike Hoffman answered several questions. The Kitchener native answered them with transparency.

Here are a few examples:


"I'm an offensive-minded player, so I'll try to help the team score goals, especially on the power play."

What this says is that Hoffman is an assertive player, who knows his role. For the past few seasons, the Habs' massive offense has been struggling, so Marc Bergevin clearly had a specific goal in mind when he went to get the left winger, and that was to help the power play.


"It was Ben Chiarot! We live in the same place during the off-season, so we often take the opportunity to play golf and skate together."


Probably Ben Chiarot had to do a sales pitch to Mike Hoffman on July 28 to get him to sign with the Habs. Maybe Chiarot even went to see Marc Bergevin personally, so that he could get his hands on his good friend. Maybe we'll find out during the season?

Mike Hoffman also said that if he had a choice between poutine and smoked meat, he would choose smoked meat...


Little joke appart...

Clearly, he didn't understand the principle of knowing how to make himself loved by his new supporters. Who doesn't love a good poutine? 😉

See the full interview here :

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