When Brendan Gallagher is being selfish

Published November 17, 2021 at 9:24

Brendan Gallagher is a warrior, a man of character and the type of player that every coach wants to lead. It's simple, we would take 23 Brendan Gallagher's in a lineup.

On the other hand, little "Gally" is over-emotional, which means that he can sometimes get out of hand with officials and/or opponents, as we saw during the Habs' loss to the New York Rangers.

He certainly said something during the face-off, but such a "sucker punch" was out of place with only a few seconds left. It was a nasty sucker punch! Watch this video to see what they were talking about.

True, I have no idea what Barclay Goodrow said, but Gallagher has to find a way to deal with all the anger that has coexisted with him this year. It's not easy in this wilderness, but this team needs a Gallagher who thinks about the club and not himself.

If everyone is playing selfishly, and there are a few who are already playing that game, this group will never see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Get a grip, guys!
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