Mario Langlois believes that something big is brewing in the Habs' organization chart

Published November 17, 2021 at 7:59

What will the Montreal Canadiens look like when the trade deadline is behind us? Will there be any big changes between now and then? What will happen with general manager Marc Bergevin still without a contract for next season? Many questions remain unanswered and many people are wondering about the future of the CH.

But according to the host of 98.5 Sports, there is something big going on in the Habs' organization chart. Langlois suggests that the Tricolore cannot go with the same people in their organization for the next NHL Entry Draft on July 7-8, 2022.

The host also adds that it is not necessarily to kick everyone out, but new heads must be added to the one already in place to make the best possible decisions. In addition, he criticizes Geoff Molson's job as team president by blaming him for not shaking the shack enough and never coming out publicly when things go wrong.

Is Geoff Molson planning something big to shake up his organization? Let's hope so, because right now, let's face it, the Montreal Canadiens organization is not going anywhere. The owner and president of the team must act, and as quickly as possible to put his organization back on track.
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