Weber is not doing well right now and we now know why he was absent from the Canadiens' lineup last year

Published October 15, 2022 at 9:51 PM

In a very interesting episode of The Athletic, journalist Marc-Antoine Godin gave us an update on former Montreal Canadiens captain Shea Weber.

Unfortunately, Weber is reportedly not doing very well right now.

He is reportedly having a hard time accepting his new life as a "retired" player. Not being able to play hockey anymore makes him sad and helpless.

Well, he hasn't officially announced his retirement yet, but the fact is that he is inactive and can't play hockey anymore, due to injuries.

Weber is currently on the Vegas Golden Knights' long-term injury list, and barring a miracle, he will remain there until the end of his contract.

"Acceptance is a long time to grieve for an athlete. I heard that Shea Weber, for his part, didn't want to come out and say yet, 'I'm retired, my career is over.'

Those are words that are hard to say and an idea that is hard for some athletes to wrap their heads around." - Marc-Antoine Godin

One can so imagine and understand the emotions he must be going through. He must feel helpless and sad that he can no longer live his passion.

He would really like that to come back and contribute, but his body has abandoned him.

Hockey is his life. The fact that it's over for him, for good, must be difficult to live with and it explains his radio silence of the last few months.

Weber is probably too emotional right now, even today, to talk in front of the media. It could also explain his absence from the Montreal Canadiens' entourage last year.

Being around his former teammates, seeing them compete, play hockey, and do what he dreams of doing again, it's understandable that it's a turn off for him.

In short, we are sending as many positive vibes as possible to Shea, so that he can get better and grieve for hockey as best he can.

He is the real deal!

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Weber is not doing well right now and we now know why he was absent from the Canadiens' lineup last year

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