We now know why Kirby Dach is still unsigned by the Montreal Canadiens

Published August 26, 2022 at 4:52 PM

The start of the Montreal Canadiens' training camp is fast approaching and two of the organization's players are still unsigned.

We're talking about the Habs' dynamic new center Kirby Dach, as well as young goalie Cayden Primeau.

We thought that Kirby Dach's signing was simply delayed due to the lack of space on the CH's payroll (before we heard the news about Carey Price's placement on the LTIR), but we now know that this is not the real reason.

Kent Hughes doesn't need to move and free up salary in order to sign Dach. With Price's contract placement on the LTIR, there is plenty of room.


On the most recent episode of his popular 32 Thoughts podcast, renowned tipster Elliotte Friedman (Sportsnet) explained why Dach is still unsigned by the Montreal Canadiens:

"They're really taking it (this contract) seriously. Don't assume three (years), don't assume two, don't assume four. It could be several ideas or concepts around those lines.(It's the length that catches on)" - Elliotte Friedman

They could really pull a rabbit out of their hat, because they really believe in Dach and Dach is really happy to have been traded to Montreal.

It could be (a deal) longer term than we think.

Friedman goes on to explain that we actually know now why it's taking so long. It's simply because both sides (the CH and Dach) want to take their time. They know it could be a major contract for them.

Would you prefer the longer term contract, which could be a real bargain if Dach lives up to expectations? Or would you like it more if it was a short-term contract, which won't cost much, but will need to be renewed soon?

All options are on the table right now.

So it would really be the length of the contract that is the problem here.
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We now know why Kirby Dach is still unsigned by the Montreal Canadiens

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