We now have an idea of the value of Cole Caufield's next contract

Published April 10, 2022 at 9:23 PM

The young Cole Caufield has been impressing people since Martin St-Louis took over as interim head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. (as you know)

He is proving more and more that he has what it takes to be a solid star player and more importantly, that his long term potential is very interesting.

Remember that he is only 21 years old.

As the organization (smartly) did with Nick Suzuki, last October, the Montreal Canadiens will now have to think about Caufield's next contract, if they want to sign him early.

Caufield will indeed be eligible for a contract extension soon, and many observers are already starting to wonder about the type of contract he could eventually sign.

He will absolutely be part of the club's core, in the very long term, there is no doubt anymore.

The Tricolore's management could be tempted to offer him a long-term contract (just like they did with Suzuki).

There are two obvious options on the table for Caufield:

- A bridge deal of 3 or 4 seasons, which would make his salary less or else;

- A long-term contract, which will cost more in the short term, but could become a real bargain.

Observer Maxim Guerin has put forward possible deals for Caufield (and also, for Alexander Romanov):

"And for those asking, it would be 8 years, and around Suzuki's salary (+/- $7-7.5M/year), Caufield has another year left on his rookie contract and he would fall right into his long-term contract after that." - Guerin

Would you take "that risk"? (offer an 8 year contract, worth $7-7.5M/year, to Caufield) If not, there is the option of the famous bridge deal of 3 or 4 seasons. (which would be worth 4-5 million annually).

The salary per year would be lower, but if Caufield continues to perform as he is now, the next contract will be very large and considerably more expensive than 7-7.5 million per season.

Which option would you choose?

Let's remember that, in any case, there is still one more season left on the rookie contract of the young number 22.

As for Alexander Romanov's potential next contract, details on the next page.

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We now have an idea of the value of Cole Caufield's next contract

How will Caufield's next contract look?

Bridge Deal 2 years 4M per year8921 %
8 years 8M per year17741.7 %
3 years 4M per year11527.1 %
LIFETIME DEAL 😍🥰4310.1 %
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