We just learned that Nick Suzuki took care of Logan Mailloux this summer

Published September 20, 2022 at 0:12

The appointment of Nick Suzuki as captain of the Habs seems to have the unanimous support of the team's fans.

The number 14 not only received a vote of confidence from the Habs' management, but he also earned the respect of his teammates and it seems that we have another proof of his leadership and his involvement with the team.

TVA Sports host Dave Morissette said on JiC that Suzuki took one of the most controversial prospects of the past few years under his wing during the summer, Logan Mailloux. Solid, Nick!

I talked to a friend who took Logan Mailloux in for three months this summer.

He often picked him up and took care of him. That's your captain, Nick Suzuki. My friend also told me that Nick spoke to him in French, he tried. That shows a lot about his personality."

Wow! That says a lot about the respect Nick Suzuki may have with his teammates but also about his die-hard desire to speak French.

As for Mailloux, the Canadiens' first pick in 2021 was unable to take part in rookie camp in Buffalo because he is not quite recovered from a shoulder injury he suffered last spring, and it is still unclear if he will be able to take part in the Canadiens' official training camp that begins in the next few days.

But beyond all that, it seems that the page on the Logan Mailloux controversy is well and truly turned, and who better than the new team captain to take him under his wing?

To watch the segment where Dave Morissette talks about Nick Suzuki, click below.

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We just learned that Nick Suzuki took care of Logan Mailloux this summer

Could Logan Mailloux eventually become a pillar of the Canadiens' defense?

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