We just heard some big news about Jake Allen with eight days to go before the trade deadline

Published March 13, 2022 at 12:50

Eight days away from the NHL trade deadline, and as goaltender Jake Allen's name begins to circulate in trade rumours, we have just learned important news. According to Nick Alberga, it would be confirmed!

Canadians goalkeeper Jake Allen would officially be back in action in a few days. Either Tuesday against the Arizona Coyotes or Thursday against the Dallas Stars.

Very good news!

Remember that yesterday, he no longer shared his net with Cayden Primeau at practice with his team, a clear sign that he is very close to being at 100% and returning in front of the net for a game.

Will Allen be traded by March 21? It will be interesting to see, but the Canadians are starting to have congestion in front of the net, even more if Carey Price returns soon.

His value could be interesting (Allen), for a team that wants reinforcements between the posts, because he is younger and less expensive than the other goalkeepers available, like Semyon Varlamov and Marc-André Fleury. (especially since Fleury doesn't even know if he wants to be traded)

More details will follow, but if Cayden Primeau is sent back to Laval by Tuesday, we will have our answer.

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