Interesting trade proposal between the Kraken and the Habs including Christian Dvorak

Published March 12, 2022 at 3:30 PM

For the very first time in its history, the Seattle Kraken is visiting the Bell Centre tonight against the Canadiens. Martin St-Louis' men will certainly want to avenge the humiliating 5-1 loss suffered in Seattle last October.

Unlike the Vegas Golden Knights, who reached the final in their very first season, the story is much different this year for the Kraken. The team currently sits 31st overall in the NHL, three points ahead of the Canadiens.

Despite their rank in the standings, many pundits believe Kraken general manager Ron Francis could be very active by the trade deadline. Among these experts is TVA Sports analyst Yvon Pedneault.

As Raphael Simard, from the Danslescoulissses site, reports, the latter was on Jean-Charles Lajoie's show, JiC, and he suggests that Kent Hughes might be interested in Kraken forward Yanni Gourde. The analyst even said what Gourde could do with an expansion team and he offered a trade that could involve the Quebec forward and Christian Dvorak from the Canadiens.

I wonder if Christian Dvorak might be of interest to the Kraken. Dvorak has a good reputation in the Western conference. Could you add another name to all this to bring Gourde to Montreal? – Yvon Pedneault

And he is not the first TVA Sports analyst to associate the name of Gourde with the Canadian. Michel Bergeron had also raised the possibility that Kent Hugues would make his acquisition.

Obviously we wouldn't be talking about a one-for-one trade between Gourde and Dvorak, but it could be an excellent starting point for possible discussions between Kent Hughes and Ron Francis.

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