Habs players seem to have identified their next captain

Published March 12, 2022 at 2:42 PM

It's finally the big night for Joel Edmundson. The defenseman of the Canadians will finally make a return this Saturday, he had not yet played a single game this season.

His presence in the lineup will allow some defenders of the Canadians to breathe a little better, because some were very overused since the beginning of the season.

But Edmundson's return means much more to the organization. As Vincent Fournier, of the Danslescoulisses.com site, reports, number 44 is considered a true leader by his teammates and he is even the one who takes care of the loudspeakers in the team's locker room after a win.

Additionally, Chris Wideman says Edmundson is having a really big impact, despite his absence this season and that he treats absolutely everyone on the team like a brother.

For his part, Josh Anderson also praised the defender's leadership qualities, mentioning that he was the one who insisted that the song Fix You, by British group Coldplay, be returned as the song that plays at the Bell Center during the presentation of the players.

A perhaps trivial detail for hockey fans but which has not gone unnoticed by the team's players.

And with this shower of praise for Edmundson, could he become the next captain of the Canadiens?

Personally, I must admit that at the start of the season, I thought that this title would go to Brendan Gallagher. But with his future in the organization uncertain, I would now opt for Edmundson, or else Nick Suzuki.

What do you think?

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