Intriguing trade proposal including Brendan Gallagher

Published March 12, 2022 at 2:33 PM

I think it's pretty clear, based on their recent statements and even, based on the moves they've made so far, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will not be afraid to be aggressive on the trade market.

Also, as reported by Pierre LeBrun of TSN, the Hughes/Gorton tandem intends to spend for the opening of the free agent market.

Several big names are available, the 2022 crop of free agents is really full of talent.

We find among others the two former clients of Kent Hughes, Patrice Bergeron and Kristopher Letang, as well as Claude Giroux, Evgeni Malkin, Johnny Gaudreau, John Klingberg and Filip Forsberg, to name a few.

Moreover, La Presse journalist Mathias Brunet recently mentioned that, according to him, Hughes' priority on the free agent market should be San José Sharks forward Tomas Hertl. Other rumors sending Letang to Montreal:

No matter which one you're aiming for, LeBrun has learned that Hughes and Gorton want to sign one or two big names.

But, before aiming so high and hoping to sign big free agents, the Habs will have to free up some money and make room under the salary cap. It is exactly for this reason that the excellent Marc-Olivier Beaudoin went there with an intriguing trade proposal, in a recent article on, and it may seem controversial.

See his explanation:

«For Brendan Gallagher, the problem is that his heavy contract will complicate the task of Kent Hughes and not nearly! His offensive production has dropped drastically this season and his style of play mean that it was predictable to see a decline that should continue. Yes, he works hard, yes, he shows up at every game but unfortunately it is not enough to justify his salary. If someone offers me a 7th round pick for him, that's a quick yes, just to release his contract!"

Do you agree with him? I believe the debate is really interesting. If we ever get offered a 7th round pick for Gally (without any salary deductions), would you do it?

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