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We finally know what Hughes and the Habs must offer to get their hands on Jonathan Huberdeau

Published July 26, 2022 at 8:53 PM

The player of the hour in the National Hockey League is probably the Quebecer Jonathan Huberdeau.

After amassing 115 points and having a masterful season, he was surprisingly traded to the Calgary Flames (in a trade that also involved Matthew Tkachuk).

On top of all that, you have to consider that Huberdeau's contract expires at the end of next season (in the summer of 2023) and he will obviously be free as a bird. Many fans and experts in Montreal have started to dream a little.

After all, even if Huberdeau is open to signing in Calgary, it is obvious that, once there, he has every advantage to offer his services to all NHL teams, including of course the Montreal Canadiens.

Could Huberdeau really sign in Montreal? What does Kent Hughes have to offer him to make it happen? We have a bit more details today.


According to what reporter Andy Strickland reports on the most recent episode of the Cam & Strick podcast, Huberdeau, who will then be 30 years old next summer, is going to ask for a 7- or 8-year contract worth between $9 million and $10 million annually.

So, to sign Jonathan Huberdeau, the Montreal Canadiens will have to offer (at a minimum): a 7-year contract and a value of $9 million per year.

He would be under contract until the age of 38, and he would sign for over 63 million, in total. Would you do it?

It would be quite a home run, but it obviously comes with some long-term risk.

Credit: Marco Normandin, HABSolumentFan

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July 26   |   336 answers
We finally know what Hughes and the Habs must offer to get their hands on Jonathan Huberdeau

Would you offer Jonathan Huberdeau a 7-year contract (with the CH) worth $9 million annually?

Yes12838.1 %
No19858.9 %
I would offer even more to sign it!!!103 %
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