We don't know if Brendan Gallagher was able to get up this morning...

Published November 3, 2021 at 10:36

If we want to perfectly describe the Montreal Canadiens game on Tuesday night, it's simple: identity. Dominique Ducharme's men finally showed the identity they displayed in the last playoffs and it was good for the morale of the team and the fans.

Following this duel, we can understand the satisfaction of the head coach, who delivered some nice phrases during his post-game press conference.

"Beyond the victory, it's the way we played. That's our identity. We had several chances to score, we defended well. To me, that was our team. We did it for 60 minutes." - Ducharme

Speaking of the club's identity, it was well represented by the heart of it (the club), Brendan Gallagher. "Gally" is/was seriously injured, but he still put on the skates and left his guts on the ice.

"We know him. After the warm-up period in Anaheim, he wasn't happy to be out. I heard him say some bad words. He wanted to help the team on the ice, but he couldn't. Against the Red Wings, I would have had to tie him up to keep him from playing. He won't be able to play like that in the other 71 games." - Ducharme

Here's the comical, but real, takeaway from Dominique Ducharme's speech, "I just hope he's able to get up tomorrow morning (speaking of Wednesday morning)..."

"Gally" is "Gally"! He plays like a leader of men, which strongly motivates his brothers to follow him in this adventure.
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