Update on some Tricolore free agents

Published August 2, 2021 at 9:11 PM

Now that the free agent madness is behind us, some teams are still working to improve their roster, but it's much quieter and more discreet.

On the Montreal Canadiens' side, there are three free agents who have yet to be signed and who could possibly return to the team: veterans Eric Staal and Erik Gustafsson. The 36-year-old veteran center is still under consideration, according to what agent Rick Curran reports.

"My future is to go home first, be a father and a husband. It's a situation I haven't experienced in the past. I'm anxious to get back to them and have a chance to decompress with them. Then we'll have some decisions to make," Staal admitted at the post-season press conference, praising his wife's sacrifices.

As for the defender Erik Gustafsson, he is still free as a bird. The one who was acquired by the Tricolore at the last trade deadline has had discussions with a few teams, according to his agent Peter Wallen. "We are talking to a few NHL clubs. Erik is not looking to play elsewhere," he said. It would be surprising to see him leave for the European continent.

Finally, it seems silent on Tomas Tatar's side. His agent, Ritchie Winter, said he did not want to comment publicly on the status of his client. Tatar is probably the best free agent still available on the market. His average of 0.6 points per game last year is proof of that. Could the Seattle Kraken be interested in him with 16 million dollars available under the salary cap? It's not impossible!

Crédit : TVASports.ca
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