Two sources have just indicated that there could be changes behind the Habs' bench

Published May 8, 2022 at 11:23 PM

While Martin St-Louis' situation is currently attracting a lot of attention behind the bench of the Tricolore, the situation of his assistants has been the subject of interesting discussions and rumours.

While St-Louis intends to return with the same assistants for the time being, some disagree.

As reported by my colleague Christian Matte (, Stu Cowan (Montreal Gazette) weighed in on the subject:

"Trevor Letowski has helped him a lot, Luke Richardson, a former teammate, has helped him too. Now I wonder if Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton are going to have any say in giving Martin St. Louis a boost, as far as who's going to be behind the bench to help. They need someone on the power play, which has been bad for a long time. It's nothing against Alex Burrows and I think if we take him off behind the bench, we can find him another position in the organization." - Stu Cowan

Do you agree with him? It's true that Hughes and Gorton will probably want to do something to help Montreal's power play, it can really make a huge difference on the team's success next year.

Dan Robertson (TSN) also believes that a change needs to be made in the personnel department. Both experts believe that finding a new assistant could change everything for the power play.

An assistant who is a power play expert and a veteran who can back up the young St. Louis would be ideal.

Do you like this proposed change behind the CH bench?

According to them, it could happen and it could even be part of Martin St-Louis' current contract negotiations.

One thing is for sure, they need to act quickly and they need to make a move, in order to help the Power Play of the CH for next year.

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Two sources have just indicated that there could be changes behind the Habs' bench

Would you bring another assistant coach to replace Burrows?

Yes we need help on the power play26269.9 %
No it's fine11330.1 %
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