Tony Marinaro completely destroys and calls out Josh Anderson live on air

Published November 8, 2022 at 11:10

While on the JiC show on TVA Sports, the colorful host Tony Marinaro completely picked on Josh Anderson during his segment.

On the one hand, he condemned the CH's number 17's hit on Alex Pietrangelo in last Saturday's game, calling it a dirty hit from behind.

"I hated the sequence. I don't like to see that. It's a dirty hit that could have even been punished more and I wouldn't have taken issue with it. On the other hand, Josh Anderson has to play physical. Why? Because if he doesn't, he doesn't bring anything to the Canadiens! Me, I love him as a player...when he wants to play!" - Tony Marinaro

The radio host adds to this by detailing quite specifically the very problematic inconsistency of the Canadiens' big forward.

"Anderson, it's still a guy who scores a goal every four games, gets a point every two-three games and averages a shot and a half per game to the net. He doesn't play short-handed and clearly doesn't help the power play either." - Tony Marinaro

Jean-Charles Lajoie took the bullet on what his colleague had just said, asking him the question of who between him and Brendan Gallagher has the worst contract on the Tricolore.

"No, because Anderson can still have the year of his career by the end of his deal. Gallagher, on the other hand, will never score 30 goals in the NHL again. Since breaking his hand, he hasn't been able to shoot a puck." - Tony Marinaro

Marinaro isn't wrong in mentioning that Anderson still has a chance to hit the grand slam of his career in the coming years.

On the other hand, we had been hearing about Anderson's natural scoring ability since he arrived in Montreal three years ago. Now 28 years old, he is no longer a rookie who we hope will finally break through and score 30 goals in a season.

It's time to stop believing in unicorns with this one, he's not a natural goal scorer and he's certainly not a replica of Chris Kreider, to whom we often compare his game with the Rangers' winger.

In three years in Montreal, Anderson has never broken the 20-goal mark in a season and you have to go back to the 2018-2019 season to see him approach the 30-goal mark with a total of 27. To give you an idea of how long it's been, that was the year before the Cole Caufield draft.

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Tony Marinaro completely destroys and calls out Josh Anderson live on air

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