Tim Bozon poured a huge amount of mud on Marc Bergevin's head

Published December 1, 2021 at 10:00

Tim Bozon was selected by the Montreal Canadiens in the 3rd round in 2012, and then he was never able to settle in the NHL. After a three-year stint between the AHL and ECHL, Bozon finally opted to return to Switzerland, playing in the Swiss-A since the 2017-18 campaign.

That said, while many current and former Tricolore players have a positive and love-filled discourse towards Marc Bergevin, that's certainly not the case for Tim Bozon. The now 27-year-old did not appreciate the way "Berg" acted following his illness (severe meningitis that put him in a near-fatal coma and caused him to lose 40 pounds in the hospital).

"Just two years into my illness, he didn't even want me in the organization anymore. He wasn't patient, he wanted to dump me instead of giving me a real chance." - Bozon

His rant didn't stop there as he didn't appreciate the way he was treated by the Montreal Canadiens organization.

"I injured my shoulder right away in training camp. I had a hard time coming back from that. There was competition with the 2013 draft picks. I was left out a lot. I was sent to the ECHL. I did a year in the hotel. I was never allowed to get an apartment..."

Then it all came together and the snowball continued to grow... leading Bergevin to get rid of Bozon.

"I got hurt right before the tournament started and I didn't look good. But after that, I get a phone call from my agent that Marc doesn't want me anymore. He doesn't even want me to go to the development camp in June.

He actually wanted to break my contract. It was a cold shower. I was very, very surprised considering the discussions I'd had with the staff, that I'd finished well and that they were anxious for me to come back."

Regardless of Bozon's speech, we should not base ourselves on his experience to qualify Marc Bergevin since each human/player lives his own story in a "human" relationship.
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