Another Quebecer crossed off the list to become the next general manager of the CH

Published December 1, 2021 at 9:28

Speculations are running wild as to who will replace Marc Bergevin. Obviously, the names of several Quebecers are surfacing knowing that the next general manager of the Tricolore must speak French and English.

Today, it is the name of Patrick Roy that has come up a lot with the most recent comments of number 33. If Roy is among the favorites to replace Bergevin, we must now remove the name of Jocelyn Thibault to the list of potential candidates for the position of general manager at the CH.

While on 91.9 Sports, Thibault took the opportunity to address the rumors about him.

The former Tricolore goaltender has just taken over the reins of Hockey Quebec, having recently been named general manager of the organization. It would have been surprising to see him leave this new challenge so quickly.

Would you have liked to see him in the CH organization?
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