Patrick Roy: "the most qualified francophone" according to a former Canadien

Published November 30, 2021 at 8:43 PM

Since the announcement of Marc Bergevin's dismissal, many rumors have been flying around about the future general manager of the Montreal Canadiens.

While many consider Mathieu Darche and Daniel Brière to be the most likely candidates, Patrick Roy was invited into the debate today.

The former CH goalie dropped a bombshell when he mentioned that the Tricolore would lose nothing by trying him as GM.

Speaking on TVA Sports' JiC show, former Canadiens forward Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau was adamant about Roy's candidacy.

"This is great Patrick. It's interesting to watch. I think Roy is the most qualified francophone candidate for the general manager role. He did a great job in Colorado. I think he can help the CH."

Despite this, Parenteau is not sure that a collaboration between Patrick Roy and Jeff Gorton would work well in Montreal.

"However, after what I saw today, I think Geoff Molson has already found his man in Jeff Gorton. I can't see them working together. I don't think it's possible. I don't even think Patrick Roy is in the plans right now," said the former player.

Known for his leadership qualities and also for his hot temper, it would be surprising if Roy accepted the position of general manager when it is rather Gorton who makes the important decisions.

Parenteau, who once played under Roy in Colorado, recognizes that the current coach of the Quebec Remparts has a talent for finding young players. Is this a position that would interest Roy?

"He's really good at finding talent. However, knowing Patrick, I don't think he would leave the Remparts for a role in recruiting.

It will be interesting to see which candidate Mr. Molson chooses in the next few days. If Patrick Roy agrees to put a little water in his wine, he is certainly a prime candidate for the CH.
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