Three teams that could be interested in Kirill Kaprizov

Published August 12, 2021 at 12:55

Bill Guerin is stuck with a hot potato regarding Kirill Kaprizov, who is looking for a short-term deal of $10 or $11 million annually. However, the Minnesota Wild are offering him $9 million and a long-term contract. But the clan of the Russian player does not seem interested in this type of pact, so it's been drifting for too long already.

There are rumors that Kaprizov is headed to CSKA in the KHL, but it all seems to be a bluff and nothing more. With time moving so quickly, Guerin may be better off moving his star to another team to move on and focus on his club instead of this hot potato.

But what club could acquire such a titanic salary? Teams are few and far between as most are hitched to the cap (although players will be sent to the long-term injury list early in the season). Among the logical teams to acquire him are the Buffalo Sabres, Anaheim Ducks and Detroit Red Wings. All three of these teams are rebuilding, so Kaprizov would fit perfectly.

The Wild were interested in Eichel beforehand, so isn't there a solution for both GMs, Eichel for Kaprizov? We're talking here... but an exceptional 24-year-old winger in return for an exceptional 24-year-old center, it makes a lot of sense to me. The Ducks and the Wings, on the other hand, could send excellent prospects in return for Kaprizov.
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