Jaromir Jagr forced to continue playing... despite approaching 50

Published August 12, 2021 at 10:03

Jaromir Jagr is a war machine, a robot, an exceptional individual and a BIG hockey fan. A quick aside like that, Alex Ovechkin is the closest to him in terms of being a "machine" and having the passion, which makes me think he could join Wayne Gretzky in goals (730 vs. 894).

That being said, Jagr is not interested in hanging up his skates, old gloves and old JOFA helmet as he has decided to continue for another season with his team in Kladno. His own team, of who he is the owner of, will once again be part of the ExtraLiga this year, so it needs Jagr as a player... for several reasons.

This one who will be 50 years old on February 15, 2022, doesn't really have a choice to play since his team could go bankrupt without his services, "I have a responsibility to the club, otherwise I wouldn't fly here and make a fool of myself. But if I hang up, the partners and sponsors will leave and the club could go bankrupt!"

In the end, the man who scored 1921 points in the National Hockey League plays for the love of the game, but also to keep his business, his franchise. One day, however, he will have to hang up and find an alternative solution to keep the sponsors. As they say in good jargon: all good things must come to an end.
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