Things are already starting to heat up between Jeff Petry and the Pittsburgh media

Published November 12, 2022 at 5:27 PM

When the Habs traded Jeff Petry to the Pittsburgh Penguins last summer, many experts felt that a change of scenery would be good for him and that being in Pittsburgh would perhaps give him the motivation to forget his difficult season with the CH in 2021-2022.

However, like his team, No. 26 is not off to a great start this season and as reported by Cimon Asselin of Habsolumentfan.com, some reporters assigned to cover the Penguins have already thrown a few jabs at the former Habs defenseman.

At least that's what Max Truman reported on BPM Sports and let's just say it's really Groundhog Day for him.

Jeff Petry is having a really tough start to the season and it's not going well for the Penguins (...) Jeff can't blame his wife, he can't blame our health care system, he can't blame our health restrictions... well, he's only got himself to blame and he's only got one goal and three assists in eleven games, okay.

He's playing more than twenty minutes a game and he's protected on the back by Kris Letang so he's not even facing the best opposing trio and he's already got fourteen minutes of penalties and they're not big checks, they're little bumps or silly penalties.

There are two reporters in Pittsburgh who are already on the Jeff Petry case and I'll quote you one of the two reporters (...) he said ''It's crazy, I'm wordless, there's not enough urgency in Jeff Petry's game'' and he just got there!

Petry has only five points in 14 games so far this season and even though Michael Matheson, obtained by Kent Hughes in the trade has yet to play a single game with the Habs this season, it's safe to assume that so far, the team's fans aren't too bored with #26 and his big contract.

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Things are already starting to heat up between Jeff Petry and the Pittsburgh media

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