Therrien has just confirmed a big rumor that was circulating about Galchenyuk in Montreal

Published December 8, 2022 at 8:23 PM

It was learned this week that the Colorado Avalanche had submitted forward Alex Galchenyuk on waivers and since he was not claimed, he will have to report to the Avalanche's club-school.

Let's just say that we are far from the player that the Habs selected third overall in the 2012 NHL draft when many saw in him a dominant center for several years.

But what could have happened in the last ten years for Galcheynuk to become a player in the American league?

To be honest with you, there is no real answer to that question, as a lot has happened since his debut with the CH in January 2013.

At the time, Michel Therrien was his coach and many Habs fans always believed that the relationship between the two men was not very good, but during his appearance on La Poche Bleue le midi last week, the former Habs head coach said that, on the contrary, he was particularly fond of the young man and he predicted a bright future for him in the NHL.

"He's a little guy I really liked, he had a nice progression with us."

However, there were rumors that Galcheynuk's family was a little too involved in his affairs and Therrien admitted that it most likely hurt him for the rest of his NHL career.

When he first came to us, I was glad his family was with him. [Looking back], I'm not sure it was the right deal."

"The thing I wish for him is to have cleaned up his personal life. If he's been able to do that, he's a guy who should be playing in the National League."

Wow. So some of the rumors about his entourage were obviously true. At least, that's what Therrien seems to mean here.

After six seasons with the Habs, where he still had 255 points in 418 games, he was traded to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Max Domi and since then, Galcheynuk has played for six different teams and now he's in the American league.
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Therrien has just confirmed a big rumor that was circulating about Galchenyuk in Montreal

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