The verdict is in on Carey Price in the trade market

Published May 6, 2022 at 11:26

Over the past few months, many observers have tried to find potential trades involving goaltender Carey Price, who, at the top of his game, can be a real "game changer" for a team that wants to move to the next level and give itself the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup.

However, the well-documented uncertainty surrounding the star goalie's future (and his astronomical contract) makes his acquisition much less tempting for an NHL organization.

Well, the verdict is in.

According to several reputable sources, including Stu Cowan, a deal involving Carey Price is "impossible" at this point. The experts are clear on this point.

So we really shouldn't expect to see number 31 change his address, no matter what the summer brings in terms of news on his health.

The options seem to be the following:

- Carey will return as a starter with the Tricolore to start the next season (as he finished the year).

- Carey will undergo surgery (again) and will attempt to return to the Montreal Canadiens' number one position next season.

- Carey will retire.

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The verdict is in on Carey Price in the trade market

How many games will Carey play next season?

10-3016428.4 %
30-4015426.7 %
More than 409115.8 %
Other16829.1 %
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