The steal of the 2021 Draft by the Habs is chasing Alexander Radulov

Published March 6, 2022 at 7:17 PM

Joshua Roy's progression is simply relentless and impressive. He is in his third campaign in the QMJHL, he continues to produce at a furious pace.

In 2019-20, Roy had 44 points in 60 games, which is very respectable for a rookie in the QMJHL. The following year, the forward maintained an average of one point per game with his 35 points in as many games. This year, his production simply exploded.

Indeed, the Habs prospect has reached 78 points in 40 games, en route to a season of 132 points. Obviously it's only a projection, but it's hard not to be confident given the success he is currently enjoying.

The last to achieve the feat of reaching the 132-point mark in the QMJHL is none other than Alexander Radulov in 2006, when he finished his season with an impressive total of 152 points. Radulov was 19 while Roy is only 18. The left winger could therefore find himself in very good company if he can continue his momentum.

5th round pick of the Canadians, 150th overall in 2021, Roy must raise eyebrows more than one recruiter with his inspired play and his performances worthy of mention. The 32 teams on the Bettman circuit simply ignored him for four rounds of selection, an error that the Habs did not make a 5th time.

Let's go Josh!
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