The steal of the 2020 draft by Timmins is wowing the hockey world right now in Finland

Published May 20, 2022 at 10:01

It is a name that is attracting more and more attention in the Montreal Canadiens.

After breaking several USHL records in 2020-21 immediately following his selection by the Tricolore, Sean Farrell repeated the feat with a masterful season in the NCAA against older and tougher opponents.

He amassed a solid 28 points (10 goals) in 24 games with Harvard University.

Although he produces as a first round pick, remember that he was only selected in the fourth round of the 2020 draft by the Montreal Canadiens.

Despite his NCAA campaign, there were still skeptics when it came to the "2020 fourth round steal." Farrell silenced many of them by dominating in the Olympics for the American team. (3 goals and 6 points, in only 4 games)

As if that wasn't enough, Farrell is currently adding more. He is really impressing the hockey world as he is present at the World Hockey Championships in Finland.

He is playing against professionals, including many NHL players, and once again, he is performing!

Sean Farrell has been his team's most used forward and directed six pucks on net on Thursday (yesterday) in his team's most recent game. He recorded two assists in that game.

He also managed quite a game here:

When Farrell was drafted in 2020, Cole Caufield himself called it a steal!

All indications are that Caufield was right. We're looking forward to seeing him in Montreal anyway. (and/or in Laval)

Careful here. We're not saying that Farrell will be a sure thing as an all-star, but when we talk about "stealing in the draft", we're talking about a player who, if the draft were held today, would come out much higher than his ranking at the time (124th for Farrell)

If the 2020 draft were held today, Farrell would come out in the first (or early second) round, according to various experts. So it was a steal to get him at the very end of the fourth round.
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The steal of the 2020 draft by Timmins is wowing the hockey world right now in Finland

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