After Jesperi Kotkaniemi experiment, the NHL makes changes to hostile offers system

Jeff Drouin
May 20, 2022  (9:28)

Habs fans are starting to become familiar with the principle of hostile offers. After seeing the CH's GM take a chance on Sebastian Aho in 2019, fans saw the Hurricanes do the same to them last summer with Jesperi Kotkaniemi.

By not accepting the offer offered by the Canes, the CH was offered 1st and 3rd round picks in the 2022 draft. Remember that each salary threshold has its own compensation when it comes to hostile offers.
From what we can now understand, the NHL will increase the salary thresholds for draft pick compensation as part of the hostile bidding process for the 2022 season.
NHL teams are allowed to submit a restricted free agent player, and the offer sheet must be signed before draft picks are sent the other way. The amount and value of the draft picks are determined by the annual average value of the said sheet.
The new lowest AAV for draft selection compensation has been raised to $1,386,490, an increase of nearly $30,000 from a year ago. The new high is $10,503,720, which has increased by nearly $230,000.
Compensation for draft picks starts at just one third-round pick, all the way up to four first-round picks, which is a steep price to pay, but could be worth it for some of the league's best players. The full compensation ranges can be viewed below.
1,386,490 or less: Nothing
Over $1,386,490 to $2,100,742: Third round pick
Over $2,100,742 to $4,201,488: Second-round pick
Over $4,201,488 to $6,302,230: First round pick, third round pick
Over $6,302,230 to $8,402,975:
First round pick, second round pick, third round pick
Over $8,402,975 to $10,503,720:
Two first-round picks, second-round pick, third-round pick
Over $10,503,720: Four first round picks
Via Markerzone
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