The trade between the Canadiens and the Oilers involving Brett Kulak has not yet been settled and a new condition has just surfaced

Jeff Drouin
May 19, 2022  (8:09 PM)

As you know, at the most recent NHL trade deadline, Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes traded Brett Kulak to the Edmonton Oilers.

Kulak is still in action against the Calgary Flames in the second round of the playoffs.
As my colleague Christian Matte (Marqueur.com) reports, the trade is not yet 100% settled.
Some parameters may still change.
This was addressed by the excellent Marco D'Amico in a recent article on the "Montreal Hockey Now" site.
The trade looks more complicated than we originally thought.
First, let's remember that Kulak was traded from the CH to the Oilers for William Lagesson, a conditional second round pick in 2022 and a seventh round pick in 2024.
We already knew here that the second round pick (conditional) will become a second round pick in 2023, if the Oilers reach the Stanley Cup final this year.
However, as we told you, there is more!
The Chicago Blackhawks could complicate things and it will be interesting to watch. Why should we care?
In addition to Kulak, Edmonton recently added veteran defenseman Duncan Keith, formerly of the Blackhawks.
Full trade :
TO THE OILERS: Duncan Keith and Tim Soderlund
TO THE HAWKS: A conditional third round pick in 2022 and Caleb Jones.
That famous conditional third round pick (in 2022) will become a second round pick in 2022, if the Oilers make it to the finals and Keith is one of the Oilers' four most used defensemen.
We're talking about the same pick that the CH acquired at the deadline, and Keith is currently the third most used.
You can guess that since the Chicago-Edmonton trade was completed before the Brett Kulak trade, the Blackhawks have priority over the Oilers' 2022 second round pick.
So there's a new condition that just surfaced.
In addition to the basic one (already known), a second one has been added to the trade and could have an impact on the return received by the Tricolore.
If the "new" condition materializes, the second pick received by Montreal will be postponed to 2023, instead of 2022.
Now that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton are preparing (with their team) for the 2022 NHL draft, they must be anxious to know if they will get an extra second round pick, or not.
They will certainly be watching what happens in Edmonton.
For details:
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The trade between the Canadiens and the Oilers involving Brett Kulak has not yet been settled and a new condition has just surfaced

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