The source of the problem with the CH could be much worse than we think...

Published October 23, 2021 at 9:42

What is going on with the Montreal Canadiens? How can this team that reached the Stanley Cup final only a few months ago look so much like an AHL team now?

All the analysts in the hockey world are trying to solve this mystery, but nobody has succeeded yet, and neither has the Tricolore. The Canadiens is the only team in the NHL without a point in the standings after almost two weeks of activity. It's pretty hard to win games when your offense isn't even averaging a goal a game...

Another hypothesis was raised by analyst Alex Picard during the "NHL Post-Game" show. Picard suggests that the source of the Tricolore's problems could be much worse than we think.

"After Tuesday's game, I heard Brendan Gallagher say, 'You can't start thinking individually. We have to get through this as a team'."

"Me, it kind of annoys me because if Brendan Gallagher is talking about that, it means he's already seen looks of that in the locker room. And that's really the worst thing that can happen on a hockey team."

If this is a problem in the locker room, it could be a very long season for the Tricolore and their fans. We'll hope the Habs get back on the winning track tonight against the Red Wings with a fairly convincing outing. Another loss could be catastrophic...
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