Is Brendan Gallagher a victim of his reputation with officials?

Jeff Drouin
October 22, 2021  (11:37 PM)

It would be an understatement to say that luck was not on the Montreal Canadiens' side on Thursday night. In addition to the 4-1 loss, it's the manner in which the result was achieved that hurts. On the menu, costly turnovers, a ton of missed scoring chances, and most importantly, a controversial disallowed goal.

That goal, scored by Brendan Gallagher while the score was still 0-0, could have changed the course of the game without a doubt. Especially since the goal seemed at first glance to have been scored in the right way. However, that's not what the Toronto official thought, as he felt that the same Gallagher had interfered with goalie Frederik Andersen's work.
Here is the sequence in question:
While the presence of Gallagher's skates in the vicinity of the blue half circle may be confusing, it seems like a very minor "obstructing the goalie" call. For this reason, many analysts, including the highly regarded Pierre LeBrun, have come to wonder if Brendan Gallagher's reputation weighed in when it came time to make the decision.
The principal himself seemed resigned after the meeting, explaining that he was used to such decisions being made against him.
Admittedly, this isn't the first time Gallagher has been involved in a controversy of this kind. It is also understandable that a player like number 11, who never hesitates to rush the net and disturb opposing goalies, is being watched more closely, but was that really a valid reason to deny the goal?
In short, everyone can make their own interpretation, but there is definitely something wrong with this sequence. And if there's one thing the Tricolore didn't need in this difficult start to the season, it's to have the referees against them.
Source : Marqueur
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