The new intentions of Jeff Petry and his family are revealed

Published March 5, 2022 at 11:47

Jeff Petry is a transformed player since the arrival of Martin St-Louis as head coach of the Canadiens. The defenseman has not only smiled again, but he's managed to produce on the scoresheet on a more regular basis. Thus, he has collected seven points in his last ten games.

You would think that with the team's recent successes and the way Martin St-Louis manages his players that Pertry would have changed his mind about his request to be traded, a request he made to Marc Bergevin shortly before his dismissal.

We must add to all this the reduction of sanitary measures in Quebec, measures that Petry's wife had strongly criticized at the beginning of the year 2022.

But according to what Charles-Alexis Brisebois, from the Danslescoulisses.com site, reports, Petry has not changed his mind and he would still like to be traded to another team.

At least that's what insider Pierre Lebrun said Thursday night during the first intermission of the game between the Canadiens and the Flames.

However, he said that Petry will be difficult to trade by March 21, due to his contract which pays him 6.25 million a year, but that it is very possible that Kent Hughes trade him to another team just before the start of the next season.

At that time, the majority of teams will have fewer salary cap constraints and it is quite possible that Petry's value will increase if he has a good end to the season with the Canadiens.

Personally, I like what I see from Petry since Martin St-Louis became interim head coach, but if Kent Hughes is able to get the price he wants in return, he could leave Montreal before the March 21 trade deadline.
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