Nick Suzuki sends a clear message to Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton

Published March 5, 2022 at 9:45

For the past few weeks, listening to various experts and insiders, it seems obvious that Ben Chiarot will be traded by March 21. We were just wondering: when will we have the official announcement, and where will he be traded.

But that could change.

It must still be said that the Canadiens could get their hands on another first-round pick or another high-quality prospect, in return for the veteran defenseman. (maybe even a little more)

For a team looking to the future and having to make decisions about some players who will be free agents this summer, like Chiarot, it's certainly tempting to take advantage of their current interesting values.

On the other hand, now, with the arrival of Martin St-Louis behind the bench, the team is winning and we are starting to think less about the future.

Could that change plans for a player like Chiarot?

The team's star player, Nick Suzuki, hopes so, and he has made it very clear to his bosses that he does not want Chiarot to leave.

"He's a horse!" He is having a great season. I can't control the situation, but I really hope he stays with us as long as possible. (and that he will not be traded)" - Nick Suzuki

The decision becomes more difficult for Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes.

On the one hand, they could receive very interesting elements in exchange, especially for the future, but on the other hand, it would send a special message to the team, which is playing so well and winning right now.

And now, there is the best player in the team who publicly mentions that he really hopes that Chiarot stays. Do you think that can influence the Hughes/Gorton duo?

If it was your decision, would you trade Chiarot?

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