The most important facet for the Canadiens rebuild must not be forgotten

Published January 8, 2022 at 1:23 PM

During a rebuild, the general managers tend to take out all the good veterans in order to build a foundation with the youth. Veterans who remain within are often support players and not the cornerstones of a core. We saw it with the Senators, as they turned to Evgeny Dadonov and Auston Watson.

That said, we must admit, however, that quality veterans who wish to remain in a rebuilding team are rather rare. But if a club has one that has already won before, it may be possible to keep it in order to support the youth that will grow up. Because, let's face it, a team cannot win in the National Hockey League with only young people.

Philippe Boucher spoke about it on 91.9 Sports as recently as Thursday afternoon:

It's all very well to want to let go of Price, Petry, Chiarot, Allen, Gallagher or Toffoli. But somewhere, Jeff Gorton will have to find a solution to keep leaders with his young group. Hence the importance of a Joel Edmundson, who, in my view, remains the perfect candidate to do this job.

If a child wants to grow up, he needs parents to accompany and develop. The same goes for young hockey players. The coach is here, yes, but he needs veterans like an Edmundson to help him place the bricks one by one.

So I ask Jeff Gorton, don't forget that part, please?
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