The first pick offers a huge and unexpected advantage to Kent Hughes over his counterparts

Published May 11, 2022 at 1:57 PM

On Tuesday night, the Habs obtained, via lottery, the first pick in the next NHL draft. When asked about a possible transaction involving his precious pick, CH GM Kent Hughes was willing to answer.

"You can never say no, but we haven't discussed it yet. We're going to start by celebrating him (our first overall pick) and if we get calls, we'll listen, but we're not going to try to trade him. In life, it's always best to listen to everyone. If we get calls, we're going to listen, but it's not in our plans to trade it."
- Kent Hughes

On that note, columnist for HabsEOTP, Andrew Zadarnowski, mentioned via his Twitter account a huge advantage Hughes will have, even if he ultimately doesn't trade his pick.

"Another benefit of the #Habs draft: A lot of GMs will come to Kent Hughes to see if there is a deal to be made. Hughes will quickly find out who is available on other teams. I'm not saying he'll trade the pick, but he'll get some good information."

Hughes will therefore have privileged information on the players available in the NHL. He will therefore be able, if a player really interests him, to try to concoct a deal by excluding his valuable pick. This information could be very useful this summer or on the sidelines of the next trade deadline...
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