The final verdict is in for Arber Xhekaj and the D-core and it's another turn of events

Published November 22, 2022 at 12:02

There have been a few twists and turns in the last few hours concerning the Montreal Canadiens' defensive brigade.

Let's make a clear summary.

- On Saturday, following Mike Matheson's return to action, Martin St-Louis mentioned that there would be a rotation of three defensemen, to alternate the presence in the stands (Jordan Harris was removed from the lineup)

- Yesterday, Arber Xhekaj was on a pair with Chris Wideman (who is not supposed to be in the rotation). So he was "an extra".

- This morning, to everyone's surprise, Martin St-Louis changed his duos. It's very rare that we normally see that, but well, he shuffled his cards between yesterday and today.

- Arber Xhekaj was paired with Johnatan Kovacevic, and Jordan Harris was paired with Chris Wideman (like before Saturday's game).

- Everyone assumed that Wideman and Harris would be left out, as St. Louis was talking about a three-man rotation.

- Finally, we just learned that, even though Xhekaj has been moved with Kovacevic, surprisingly it is this duo that will be in the stands.


"Joel Armia, Jordan Harris & Chris Wideman IN

Mike Hoffman, Arber Xhekaj & Johnathan Kovacevic OUT"

A surprising, but interesting decision. So Wideman is (finally) in the rotation as well, and will take away minutes from young Xhekaj and Kovacevic.

"It looks like the Harris-Wideman duo will play, not Xhekaj-Kovacevic.
That should be a relief to the pro-Harris crowd."

- Marc Antoine Godin

There's no doubt about the verdict anymore, Martin St-Louis just confirmed it in a press briefing:

More details to follow!

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The final verdict is in for Arber Xhekaj and the D-core and it's another turn of events

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