The Montreal Canadiens have already met a candidate in person

Published January 3, 2022 at 2:25 PM

According to information leaked by our colleagues at Dans les Coulisses, the Montreal Canadiens would have already met with Marc Denis, as the organization is looking for a new GM.

Moreover, they believe that Marc Denis would have even met in person, considering that he is in the same bubble as the team.

Remember that a first interview session will be conducted with the candidates in the running for the position, including Patrick Roy, Mathieu Darche, Marc Denis, Daniel Brière, Kent Hughes, Stéphane Quintal, Émilie Castonguay and Danielle Sauvageau.

We can even add Roberto Luongo's name to this list of candidates.

Then, those who will have impressed will have a second meeting with the organization. Everything should be done in the next few days and soon, we should know the identity of Jeff Gorton's new sidekick.
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