The Montreal Canadiens have a true leader in Jan Mysak

Published September 12, 2021 at 2:16 PM

The Habs have a handful of young prospects who are likely to play with the big club one of these days. Center Jan Mysak will likely be one of them. Montreal's second round pick in 2020 is exuding confidence heading into his second rookie camp with the Habs.

The Czech opened up about his relationship with the Montreal Canadiens since last year's draft. Obviously, Mysak has the soul of a leader in him, in addition to being a good hockey player. He praised the Habs on all points, but especially the support that the Montreal organization gives him in his development. He is extremely grateful to the staff, even if he has taken to the letter every little advice and suggestion he received over the past year.

He may not have been on the score sheet much with the Laval Rocket last year, hence his two goals in 22 games, but he seems to have learned a lot from Joël Bouchard in the process. He will have to make some adjustments to his game, especially regarding his speed and physical strength. However, he is a very smart player with good skills. He will need a few seasons to build his overall game.

He is working hard to become a better hockey player. His leadership has been praised many times in the past, and he is bound to be the captain of the Czech Republic team at the upcoming World Junior Hockey Championship.

At this point, he is not on track to become a top-6 NHL forward according to many, but he could definitely be a good asset on a third or fourth unit.

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