Alexander Romanov chose the right method to make himself loved by Habs fans

Published September 12, 2021 at 9:27

Earlier this week, Alexander Romanov was still in Russia training for the Montreal Canadiens' training camp, which will begin on September 22. However, everything indicates that the Russian defenseman is back on Quebec soil.

The latter recently posted a story through his Instagram account, where you can see the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. Clearly, the 21-year-old athlete is taking time to visit the wonders the Province before the start of hostilities.

This proves, in a way, that Romanov is very intrigued by Quebec' culture. Also, looking at the characters in the lower left corner of his story, we notice that he used French as the language of description. The words "Quelle belle ville" can be seen there. The young defenseman certainly knows how to endear himself to Canadiens fans, considering his interest in local infrastructure and the French language.

See the publication in question right here :



Romanov had already managed to win the hearts of Quebecers, due to his skills on the ice. He had a learning season last year, while leaving a good first impression. The best is yet to come in his case, as he is still developing. A human being and a hockey player full of surprises this Alexander Romanov!
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