The Montreal Canadiens have a plan for Carey Price

Published February 24, 2022 at 4:28 PM

On Wednesday, the Canadians announced the appointment of John Sedgwick as assistant general manager. The latter has been part of the organization since 2013 and was appointed in 2017 as vice-president of hockey operations and legal affairs. With this status, he focused on the negotiations with the players, the strategic planning and the daily management of the salary cap, the arbitration cases as well as the management of situations related to the collective agreement.

It is in excellent French that Sedgwick spoke this Thursday morning on the air of 91.9 Sports FM. For nearly twenty minutes, he discussed several issues affecting the organization, including that of Carey Price.

Regarding the goalkeeper, the new assistant general manager said that the club had a plan if Carey Price returned to the game. It does not seem, even if the Habs are tight on the salary cap, that his average salary of 10.5 million dollars would be a problem if the goaltender ever returns to the organization this year.

Sedgwick also discussed another big file, that of Shea Weber. We learn that the captain could very well remain on the LTIR, without ever having to retire. However, if Weber ever wanted to sign these papers, his salary would no longer count in the Canadians payroll and a penalty would be imposed on the Nashville Predators.

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